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Alpha Idea International Co., Ltd.
Alpha Idea International Co., Ltd.
Nishi-Shinjyuku OSC Building
3rd Floor7-19-5 Nishi-Shinjyuku,
(Postal No. 160-0023), Japan

Facsimile :+81-3-5937-8955

About Us

The Firm

Alpha Idea International Co., Ltd was founded in May of 1996 in Tokyo as an international consulting firm and enhanced its services to include information communication technology. Ever since, Alpha Idea International has endeavored to stay on top of the latest engineering skills and provide services to assist our various clients in all areas of system technology. Our goal is to continue growing with our clients and to serve society through the latest engineering technology. We sincerely hope that we may be of service to the growth of your business.

The Organization

Top management is always directly connected to all projects that we pursue and fully backs up the project with all of the company's resources. organization